SelfLocker – intelligent parcel machines

Thanks to automatic parcel lockers, your business will enter a completely new level of customer service. The idea that guided us when creating this device was safe and convenient shopping, regardless of the time of day or day of the week.

It’s YOU who choose which version of SelfLocker will meet all your needs. It’s also YOU who freely personalize the size, layout and design of the entire device. OUR role is to meet your requirements in 100% and ensure full implementation, both in terms of hardware and software.


Which size do you prefer?

It is you who determines what type of lockers and in what quantity are suitable for your specific needs !


Created for letters and press (newspaper subscriptions)


Ideal for medium-sized purchases and packages


Do you sell large-size products? No problem!


Personalization is our specialty. Design your own locker size, which will be perfect for your assortment.

Technical Specifications

What are the perfect places for SelfLocker?


Give your customers the ability to pick up their purchases at any time. Such availability and freedom of choice will surely be appreciated, and you will gain more satisfied customers who will come back to you more willingly.


Are you the owner of a petrol station, convenience store or service point? Thanks to the SelfLocker, you can collect and deliver goods and orders without any contact, any time of the day.


Your employees order their parcels to work, and the couriers circulating around the offices distract the attention? A parcel locker placed in an easily accessible place will solve this problem and ensure the possibility of picking up parcels at the right time.


SelfLocker is not an ordinary shipping terminal. When designing it, we attach great importance to an elegant design that harmonizes with the interior. We will try to make SelfLocker a real decoration of any space.


  • What is the cost of this device?

    The cost of purchasing a personalized SelfLocker is comparable to the cost of 3-month employment of logistics service workers. We calculate the return on this investment individually based on your business.

  • Is SelfLocker a Polish product?

    Yes! Each SelfMaker device is designed and manufactured in Łódź. However, thanks to sales offices in other countries, we can easily serve customers from all over Europe.

  • Is it possible to buy the device itself?

    Of course, but we recommend working with us at all stages of implementation. From design and production, through system integration, to installation of the device in desired location.

  • Will SelfLocker work with my current software?

    We will do everything we can to make it happen. We have a very ambitious and capable IT department that approaches each task individually and can certainly handle even the most complex implementation.

  • What certificates does SelfLocker have?

    Our parcel machines have received the European CE conformity mark, which means that they meet all applicable EU directives. SelfLocker is also DEKRA certified.

  • Will SelfLocker replace my employees?

    The SelfLocker will easily take over inefficient activities such as issuing and returning orders. This allows you to use your manpower for more ambitious tasks.

  • In which variants is SelfLocker manufactured?

    There are 2 basic variants of the device: indoor & outdoor. Each of them is available in 3 sizes, but we can build your device according to detailed, individual guidelines.

  • Do you offer the entire device implementation process, including transport, assembly and service?

    Exactly. Thanks to our car fleet and qualified staff, you do not have to worry about transport or assembly. We provide full service of the device in an individually agreed range and time.

Do you need such a solution or would you like to learn more about it? Use the form below and we will try to answer all your questions?