Self-checkout was designed to reduce waiting lines and increase the comfort and the speed of transactions, while minimizing the involvement of the store staff. The whole process is quick and faultless, making the entire transaction only last a few seconds. The user will also receive the usual receipt and the proof of payment.

It is also possible to configure the self-checkout with a scale. Direct weighing and scanning translates to double verification of the purchased products. Self checkout optimizes the cost and the quality of the sales process.

customer satisfaction

Control over the sale process, increased comfort, faster service.

cost reduction

Customer service cost optimization. A revolutionary take on the register system.

eft system

Quick and faultless service. Transactions finalised in a matter of seconds.

Self-checkout in numbers


reduction in queue waiting time


reduction in operation costs


increase in customer satisfaction


increase in sales

Technical specification

Technical specification

15” HD touchscreenfull-sized 1D/2D scanner
LED communicationBuilt-in register
Credit and debit card module


Clients per hour2040
Time180 s90 s

Exemplary interface

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Using a self-checkout step by step


Scan your products

Place your basket on the appliance and slide your products alongside the scanner. Select weighed products, i.e. fruit and vegetables from among the images seen on the screen.


Confirm your order

Confirm your shopping list, add shopping bags, scan your loyalty card (if you have one) or vouchers.


Pay by card or by phone

Select the payment method: contactless payment by card or smartphone or PIN-verified payment by card. Your transactions are fully secured and protected by a multi-layered security system.


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Customer feedback


  • Can a self-checkout completely replace human staff?

    Yes, self-checkout can completely replace human staff and moreover, it is available 24/7.

  • Does a self-checkout really save money?

    The self-checkout reduces staff sale service time, which also reduces the cost of insurance and wages.

  • Do I need to change currently used systems?

    You do not need to change currently used systems. The self-checkout will be integrated with your current sale systems and loyalty programs.

  • How much does a self-checkout cost?

    The monthly maintenance cost of the self-checkout does not exceed a monthly staff wage.

  • How often can I change products and prices in the self-checkout?

    You can change the products and their prices in the self checkout whenever you want with a simple tool included with the appliance.

  • Does the self-checkout connect to currently used payment terminals?

    Yes, we will adjust the self-checkout to your payment terminals or suggest new and advantageous solutions for non-cash payment.

What are the benefits of a self-checkout?

The self-checkout is beneficial to both the store owners, allowing them to reduce employment costs, and the customers, allowing them to shop whenever they want, saving their time and securing their non-cash transactions. It is a self-service appliance which eliminates the store staff from the buying process.

The functionality of the self-checkout allows you to enter all of the products in your offer, including weighed products, and connect your sales to loyalty programs.

The self-checkout will prove useful in groceries, chemists stores and department stores.