Assistant of service and reception

The Reception Assistant is a modern, closed reception desk that enables safe customer service in every facility. We design kiosks at the request of the client, according to his guidelines and specific requirements. These devices can take various forms and contain freely chosen components and functions.

For companies equipped with the Reception Assistant, a measurable benefit is the shortening of queues and the optimization of operating costs related to employment and administrative data processing. The device is fully personalized, it is possible to replace components to adjust the device to customer requirements.

intuitive and accessible menu

24/7 availability

integrity with existing systems and applications

Reception assistant in numbers


reduction in queue waiting times


reduction in operation costs


increase in customer satisfaction


increase in sales

Technical specification

technical specification

22” borderless HD touchscreenmulti-carate dispenser module
1D/2D code scanner for loyalty cardscard terminal
Credit and debit card module


Clients per hour1260
Time300 s60 s

Exemplary interface

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Using a reception assistant step by step


Enter customer ID or reservation number or scan your card

If you have a customer ID, reservation number or your data is stored on a membership card, you can enter the number on the main screen or swipe your card in front of the scanner. The appliance will quickly connect to your account.


Select the desired service

The touchscreen reacts to the slightest touch. Selecting a product or a service is as easy as tapping an icon. Repeat until your shopping cart contains everything you need.


Add more products from the menu

Your shopping cart is shown on the screen, making it easy to check if you have selected everything you need and how much each item on the list costs.



Select the payment method: contactless payment by card or smartphone or PIN-verified payment by card. Your transactions are fully secured and protected by a multi-layered security system.


Pay by card or by phone

You will receive an order number. The appliance will also print out a receipt and a proof of payment.


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  • Can the reception assistant completely replace human staff?

    Yes, the reception assistant can completely replace human staff and moreover, it is available 24/7.

  • Does the reception assistant really save money?

    The reception assistant reduces staff sale service time, which also reduces the cost of insurance and wages.

  • Do I need to change currently used systems?

    No, the reception assistant will be integrated with your current loyalty programs.

  • How much does the reception assistant cost?

    The monthly maintenance cost of the self-checkout does not exceed a monthly part-time staff wage.

What are the benefits of a self-checkout?

The reception assistant is a self-service appliance which allows your customers to confirm selected services and pay for them without the aid or interference of human staff. The features of the appliance allow you to enter all of the products included in your offer, including additional products or services offered alongside the main service, and configure them however you please.

The appliance also features secure electronic self-service payment. The reception assistant is available 24/7 at your outlet, allowing your clients to be independent from available staff.

The reception assistant may easily replace reception desks at gyms, sports facilities, hotels and any other facilities, wherein the access to the service has been paid for or reserved beforehand.