Order kiosk

Ordering products and services was never that easy and intuitive. The order kiosk is multifunctional, so it can work as: info point, self-checkout with a credit card terminal, or a ticket kiosk.

The LED screen guides the user step by step through the process in a simple and clear manner. The order kiosk features up-to-date solutions, allowing you to optimise the operational costs and to reduce the queues, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

intuitive and easy to use menu

integrity with current systems and the applications

customisation to meet the customers’ requirements

order kiosk in numbers


reduction in queue waiting time


increase in customer satisfaction


reduction in operation costs


increase in sales

Technical specification

Technical specification

32” HD touchscreenMultimedia
LED communicationBuilt-in register
Credit and debit card module


Clients per hour3045
Time120 s80 s

Using a self-checkout step by step


Find your product on the screen or scan it

Click the product icon and order the required amount. With the built-in scanner, you can add your products, like beverages, to your order by scanning their barcodes.


Add more products from the menu or scan them

Repeat step one and add more products and more quantities of the products to your order.


Confirm your order

Your order is displayed on the screen. You can easily check if your shopping list is complete and how much the items from the list will cost you.


Pay with a card or with your phone

Select the payment method: contactless payment by card or smartphone or PIN-verified payment by card. Your transactions are fully secured and protected by a multi-layered security system.


Receive the receipt and the payment confirmation

You will receive an order number which will allow you to receive ordered products or, in case of a ticket kiosk, ordered bus, tram, cinema or concert ticket. Additionally, the appliance will print the receipt and the proof of payment.


Customer feedback


  • Can an order kiosk completely replace human staff?

    Yes, order kiosk can completely replace human staff and moreover, it is available 24/7.

  • Does an order kiosk really save money?

    The appliance reduces staff sale service time, which also reduces the cost of insurance and wages.

  • Do I need to change currently used systems?

    No, the self-checkout will be integrated with your current customer service systems.

  • How much does a self-checkout cost?

    The monthly maintenance cost of the order kiosk does not exceed a monthly part-time staff wage.

  • How often can I change products and prices in the self-checkout?

    You can change the products and their prices in the order kiosk whenever you want. You can do it by yourself with a simple tool included with the appliance.

  • Does the appliance come in different dimensions?

    Yes, we will manufacture the order kiosk to meet your requirements and to fit the surface that you have in your outlet.

What are the benefits of an order kiosk?

The order kiosk is a self-service appliance which allows you to shop without the aid and interference of human staff. Its features allow you to enter all the products offered by your outlet. You can configure the products freely and make the suggestions for substitutes or complementary products.

The customer is sure about their choice and the outlet is sure that the order is correct. The appliance is equipped with a safe, electronic, self-service payment module.

The order kiosk is available for your customers 24/7, which is a huge advantage over the availability of the cashiers.

Applications: catering outlets, public transportation, gas stations, supermarkets, service outlets selling specialistic assortments, e.g. automotive parts service outlet.