Invoice kiosk

Interactive and innovative invoice kiosk turns a receipt into an invoice within a matter of seconds without the need to wait in queues or waste time otherwise. The highest quality of components and materials used in the manufacturing process ensure the reliability of the appliance. Its software and hardware are fully adjustable.

customer time saving

Shorter queues to the checkout contribute to  the increase of your customers’ loyalty.

intuitive menu

The graphical user interface is user-friendly and easy to operate.

reduction of costs

The appliance allows you to optimise customer service costs and gives you the possibility to relocate available staff.


The product can be integrated with existing systems and applications.

24/7 availability

The service is fast and faultless. You will receive your invoice within a matter of seconds.

full customisation

Both hardware and software can be customised to meet the customer’s requirements.

invoice kiosk in numbers


reduction in queue waiting time


increase in customer satisfaction


reduction in operational costs


sales uplift

Technical specification

Technical specification

22” touchscreenInteractive communication
Thermal invoice printer – 80 mmReceipt slot with a built-in barcode scanner


CashierInvoice kiosk
Customers per hour80240
Time45 s 15 s

exemplary interface

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How to use the invoice kiosk step by step?


insert the receipt

You can mark the positions you would like to include in the invoice on the receipt.


enter your NIP number

It will be stored for future transactions.


confirm items from the receipt

It’s as quick as tapping the products on the screen.


receive your invoice or send it by e-mail

Print your invoice or send it directly to your accouting department.

Customer feedback


  • Can an invoice kiosk completely replace human staff?

    Yes, invoice kiosk can completely replace human staff. It can also be used by customers who are not necessarily familiar with automatization or new technologies.

  • What can I save with the invoice kiosk?

    The invoice kiosk saves 4 minutes of staff work on each invoice and it doesn’t generate any costs with regard to insurance and wages.

  • Do I need to change currently used systems?

    No, the invoice kiosk will be integrated with your currently used customer service systems.

What are the benefits of the invoice kiosk?

The invoice kiosk is a self-service machine that generates VAT invoices without the aid or interference from human staff. The appliance allows you to avoid mistakes when entering the company data, as the customer enters it by himself. The customer can also exclude certain positions from the receipt if they choose not to invoice them, which may not always be available when the invoice is generated by customer service staff. The invoice kiosk also helps eliminate the queues to the customer service center.

The invoice kiosks can be used in supermarkets, gas stations, companies and service facilities where the invoices are generated in large amounts and the waiting time comes to at least 3 minutes. Once entered, company data is stored and can be used in different retail outlets of a given distributor.