Infokiosk is the perfect tool of communication and product visualisation. The appliance is light, mobile and wireless, making it fit for a variety of locations. The built-in scanner functionality significantly speeds up the process of product identification.

Content is hardly the only thing that matters when it comes to selling a product. Visuals are just as important. The design, simplicity and high quality of the appliance naturally draws the attention of potential customers.

increase in product sales or cross-selling

reduction in marketing costs

global or local information updates in real time

24/7 availability

directions to the desired product or place in the store

improved aesthetics of store environment

Infokiosk in numbers


increase in marketing effectiveness


sales uplift

Technical specification

Technical specification

22” HD touchscreenMultimedia
Professional Win10 Pro PC1D/2D code scanner

Exemplary interface

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Infokiosk features


Multimedia display

The infokiosk draws the attention of customers with its modern design and multimedia product presentation.


Perfect communication

Infokiosk is crucial in maximising profits from a single transaction, owing to the effective methods of up-selling and cross-selling of complementary products.


Product visualisation

Barcode scanner allows the customers to locate the desired product and see the most relevant information.



Hardware and software adjusted individually to your requirements and needs.


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Customer feedback


  • Will the infokiosk reduce the costs of product marketing?

    Most definitely. The info kiosk is not only more effective as a marketing tool, owing to visualisations and appealing clips, but also easily modified without the necessity of printing and distribution.

  • Is it possible to choose the size of the screen?

    Yes, the screen size of the infokiosk may be adjusted to the space available in your outlet.

  • How do I change the information on the infokiosk?

    You can change the contents displayed on the infokiosk by connecting a USB storage device or by sending the ad remotely. How often you switch the ads is up to you.

What are the benefits of the infokiosk?

The infokiosk engages your customers with clips or images. High definition image allows you to display eye-catching visualisations.

The infokiosk displays a sharp image with incredible color depth, even at an angle of 170 degrees. Paper-based marketing forms, such as leatlets or newsletters are becoming obsolete, which is why an investment in a multimedia kiosk may be the key to success when it comes to sales, marketing or promotion.

The infokiosk will prove useful wherever products or services are sold.