Hybrid cash register combining traditional service + self-service

The first cash register on the market that combines the traditional model of customer service with self-service. Thanks to the rotating screen, the SelFormers can function as a normal cash register for customer service by staff. As soon as the screen is turned over and the self-checkout function is enabled, it becomes a fully self-sufficient position for paying for goods by customers.

SelFormers is available standing and the tabletop option as well.

SelFormers is a cash register that is adapted to the service of each client because it easily adjusts its geometry and height to a person. Thanks to this, SelFormers meets the expectations of people with special needs, such as people in wheelchairs.

180° rotation screen

Thanks to the change of the screen position, the cash register can be fully self-service or remain a cash register to be operated by the shop staff

Scanner and quick payments

Despite its small dimensions, SelFormers has a built-in scanner, a quick payment terminal, a printer, and a manual scanning gun

Compact size

We know how important the area of a shop or a service point is, that’s why we designed SelFormers in such a way that it took up the least space while being convenient for the buyer.

Self-checkout in numbers


reduction in queue waiting time


reduction in operation costs


increase in customer satisfaction


increase in sales

Technical specification

Technical specification

15” HD touchscreenfull-sized 1D/2D scanner
LED communicationBuilt-in register
Credit and debit card module180 degree rotating screen (sideways, up / down)


Clients per hour2040
Time180 s90 s

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Customer feedback


  • What does it mean that the SelFormers cash register is hybrid?

    This means that you can use it as a traditional checkout operated by store staff, but you can switch to the self-service module at any time thanks to the rotating screen and dedicated software. The customer is intuitively guided through each step of the sales service.

  • Will I need to change my current payment terminal?

    No, because we will adapt our cash registers to the current payment devices you have or we will offer you a new, favorable solution for cashless payments.

  • Do I have to change my shop's current software?

    You don’t need to make changes to your current systems. We will integrate the self-service checkout with your current sales systems or loyalty programs.

  • Is SelFormers adapted to serve disabled people?

    Yes, thanks to a rotating screen and easy access to all components, SelFormers meets the expectations of all customers. In conjunction with a customer panel adapted to to support the visually impaired.

  • How much does the SelFormers cash register cost?

    It all depends on the ordered volume, but certainly the monthly cost of owning a self-service cash register will not exceed the cost of employing an employee.

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