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Happy – customer satisfaction survey

The customer satisfaction survey provides you with information regarding your customers’ needs and requirements. Using the collected customer satisfaction data you will easily anticipate their expectations.

With this appliance, you will see the measurable gap between the assumed level of quality and the customers’ subjective experience.

customer satisfaction measurement over a given period of time

measurement of assumed quality target

indication of areas for improvement with regard to offered services

key operational decisions based on collected data

Customer satisfaction survey in numbers


reduction in customer survey costs


increase in service quality


increase in loyalty through the improvement of quality

Technical specification

Technical specification

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  • How are the data collected by the customer satisfaction survey presented?

    All the information are presented as easily deciphered aggregates of data in the form of charts and reporting tables.

  • Is this appliance compatible with other CRM systems?

    Yes. The customer satisfaction survey should be integrated with other CRM systems, queue management systems and POSs in order to obtain reliable data on customer satisfaction.

What are the benefits of a customer satisfaction survey?

The customer satisfaction survey engages your clients in interaction, encouraging them to anonymously rate offered services. You can place it near customer service centers, reception desks and checkout registers. It is a simple and effective tool which employs sets of reports in the analysis of quality target execution with regard to customer interaction. The customer satisfaction survey will prove useful wherever products or services are sold.