Kiosk for handling patient registration

In the era of the coronavirus pandemic, safety is paramount. Thanks to the use of self-service solutions, you will limit interpersonal contact by reducing queues, enforcing social distance, and no need for direct communication between staff and patients.

SelfClean disinfection station

SelfClean are automatic disinfection kiosks that allow you to disinfect your hands in a convenient and non-contact way before entering public places, such as clinics, pharmacies, which significantly reduces the risk of transferring unwanted microorganisms to other objects, and further to other patients. SelfClean is activated without contact thanks to the built-in photocell, and then it automatically dispenses the right amount of liquid into the user’s hands.


Digital information boards

Digital Signage is a modern communication and marketing tool. The ability to quickly and remotely change the displayed content is an undoubted advantage of digital screens. They can be used in the form of an information board for patients or as a presentation of the current offer.