Innovations in the process of the self-service kiosk manufacturing

We are a technological company specializing in the design and manufacturing of multi-purpose self-service kiosks, integration tools and software fully adjusted to current experience and future needs of our clients.

Our self-service kiosks support customer service processes in various branches of industry, such as: retail sales, restaurants, reception desks and public transportation.

Functional industrial solutions

We operate within the consumer market, although we draw from the experience with industrial solutions, where the requirements regarding quality and technology are incredibly restrictive. For the past two years we have been designing and manufacturing unique industrial solutions.

We are amongst the leaders of European companies owing to our holistic approach to the issues of design, automatics, integration, software, implementation and maintenance of self-service kiosks, increasing the operating profitability and customer satisfaction at the same time.

Customizable requests

Our mission is to deliver appliances aimed at modernizing, complementing and perfecting any and all customer service systems.

We can design and manufacture the highest quality product with specified parameters and any desired shape.

Our products are distinguishable by their elegant design, functionality and easiness of use, making them simple, intuitive and time-saving.