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Why choose SelfMaker kiosks?

Our self-service kiosks support customer service processes in various branches of industry, such as: retail sales, restaurants, reception desks and public transportation. Our products are distinguishable by their elegant design, functionality and easiness of use, making them simple, intuitive and time-saving.



Before we personalize our self-service kiosks, we perform an audit of our clients’ customer service process complementing our devices.

We map the entire process, measure the effectiveness of its stages, reduce losses, enhance values, eliminate defects and establish a smooth FLOW process, fully focusing on individual needs and requirements of our clients.

We are amongst the leaders of European companies owing to our holistic approach to the issues of design, automatics, integration, software, implementation and maintenance of self-service kiosks, increasing the operating profitability and customer satisfaction at the same time.


The variety of projects we partake in and the challenges set before us allow us to utilize our knowledge and experience in order to design and implement unique hardware solutions entirely adjusted to the requirements of our clients.

Concise, modern and timeless construction with cutting-edge graphic displays and integrated payment systems translate to quick and easy transaction management for our clients. Availability, ergonomics and design – these are what distinguishes us.

The members of our design team have many years of experience from across renown design companies involved with dedicated industrial solutions.


Every business venture requires IT support. Coming up with the solution, though places you within a minority of the populace, will not make you competitive if the processes of sales, marketing, finances or logistics are not supported by systems that fully satisfy the requirements of your customers, expecting quick and faultless service with only a few seconds to finalize their transactions.

We understand this correlation, which is why our offer includes new software solutions adjusted to your processes or designed from scratch.


We are located in the very center of Poland, allowing out maintenance crews to appear wherever their assistance may be required.

Our goal is to fulfil the requirements of each and every client with regard to high effectiveness of problem solving and the dynamic restoration of full functionality of our appliances.

The resources of our highly qualified IT specialists make us highly adaptable to our clients’ system standards.

Reduce costs with self-service kiosks

Selfmaker is a technology company specializing in the design and manufacturing of professional, multi-purpose self-service kiosks in order to reduce queues and costs, as well as increase sales in your company.  Our mission is to deliver appliances aimed at modernizing, complementing and perfecting any and all customer service systems. We deliver self-service solutions out clients need. We make your ideas real.

Develop your business with new technologies

We are a technological company, established in 2015. We design and manufacture multi-purpose self-service kiosks, integration tools and software fully adjusted to current experience and future needs of our clients.

We operate within the consumer market, although we draw from the experience with industrial solutions, where the requirements regarding quality and technology are incredibly restrictive. For the past two years we have been designing and manufacturing unique industrial solutions.